(One on One)

Due to COVID-19 now offered online!

14 USD

for one hour sessions

20 USD   

for one and a half hour sessions

26 USD   

for two hour sessions

Semi private


(2 people in one class)

Start EVERYDAY upon request if there are two of you.

$35.000 COP (about 10,5 USD)

Per hour per person

$30.000 COP (about 8.8 USD)

Per hour per person (for 2 hours a day for a week)

Group lessons 3-6 people

$300.000 COP (about 88 USD)

Per week

10 hours (2h Monday - Friday)

$30.000 COP (about 8.8 USD)

Per hour per person

Also available:  

Spanish crash course

S.O.S Spanish ;)

$90.000 COP (about 26 USD) 

One off 3h class so you can get by while on your travels. 

Mondays & Thursdays 9-12.30 (15 min break)

Prices include: coffee, cakes/biscuits, fruit, discount in accommodation and more.

Terms and Conditions of the classes

We try our best to be flexible, but please keep these few points in mind

- The classes must be paid in full to secure the times.

- Only private classes can be canceled (with 48+ hours notice) and re-booked, any private class canceled with less than 48 hours notice will be considered taken.

- An hour class consists of 55 min class + 5 minutes bathroom/coffee break.

- Please make sure you are booked for the weeks you are planning to have classes, we might have classes for you one week but be booked up completely for the next.

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